Mar-Va Theater Performing Arts Center, Inc.
103 Market Street, Pocomoke City, Maryland 21851
Theater Manager Position Description

March, 2021

About the Mar-Va Theater

The Mar-Va Theater Performing Arts Center is a 458 seat, historic, renovated, nonprofit theater located in downtown Pocomoke City, Maryland. In recent years, the Mar-Va Theater has hosted over 120 events per year, including movies, live shows, concerts, dances, conferences, birthday parties, dinner parties, reunions and weddings. Staffing is comprised of the Theater Manager, volunteers, and members of the Board of Directors.


Position Summary


Are you a self-starter who can work well with others, but also independently? We are looking for a dynamic and creative leader with a special sense of problem solving. The desired candidate will be able to perform the following duties as well as having an appreciation for the arts and a strong business sense.



*Recruiting, scheduling and supervising volunteers and employees, event staff, light and
sound technicians; planning and leading training sessions; maintaining a team atmosphere.

*Create and organize budgets for all events, as needed

*Search for and apply for extra sources of revenue including rentals, fundraising, event
partnerships, grants, and new programming


*Prepare and maintain detailed calendars and event files

*Communicate with event planners, performers, agents, film distributors, renters and
community groups


*Contract for, schedule & order movies and operate DCP projection system

*Prepare contracts for all theater rentals, develop and send invoices

*Manage and update theater website and maintain all social media, as needed

*Handle all communications via email, telephone & social media

*Promotion and advertising on all social media, local newspapers, flyer distribution,
radio spots and marquee changes for each event

*Develop new promotional materials and advertising strategies, including movie preview
ads and posters using appropriate media applications


*Promote special events/movies in all area schools, senior centers and special needs


*Establish and maintain relationships with other nonprofit organizations, local Chambers
of Commerce, Pocomoke Downtown Association, Mar-Va members, board members,
government officials and the public.


* Produce, publish and distribute quarterly newsletter

*Attend monthly meetings of the Board of Directors and subcommittees as scheduled,
providing monthly and special reports as requested


*Solicit advertisements or donations from business and community groups

*Order, receive and manage snack bar inventory and supplies

*Work with treasurer to create and maintain budget, expenses and invoice payments

*Recommend and/or perform repairs and other improvements to the facility

*Help train Board members/volunteers on how to run events

*Develop a comprehensive operation manual for all aspects of theater operations.

Schedule and Salary

The theater manager can expect to work 30+ hours per week. We know that this position is not the typical 9 to 5 job. We offer a flexible weekday schedule, but expect the manager to be in attendance for events most weekends. Starting salary for this position is negotiable.
Due to the current pandemic, the Mar-Va seating is limited to a maximum of 200 persons. Teleworking will be permitted for many of the job responsibilities listed, however the Mar-Va Theater Manager will be expected to be on location for most events, board meetings and stock deliveries. As the pandemic winds down, the Theater Manager will be expected to spend more time at the office.
Please send your resume, cover letter, and at least 3 references to in PDF Format. The deadline receipt for applications is 5 PM on April 23, 2021.
Applications may be mailed to Rob Clarke, President of the Board, c/o Mar-Va Theater, 103 Market St., Pocomoke City, MD 21851. Emailing of applications is preferred, however, due to long delays in postal deliveries in recent months.